Rare Offerings
Rare offerings for collectors

From time to time, Daen sculpture make their way back to me.  Often they are ones from long since closed editions, rare to find and in some cases, unique ... for various reasons... old clients needing to find new homes for their beloved pieces. So as they come to me, I make them available on this page. If you'd like more information, I invite you to call or email me.

Laura Daen
Tel: 787-724-2436
email: lindaen@earthlink.net

Lares and Penates

These two high relief bronze sculptures are titled Lares and Penates, inspired by the Roman gods, guardians of the home. They are designed to be placed in niches or mounted on the wall, such as in a hall, entryway or portal.

45.25" wide x 73.5" high x 18" deep

(Approx. 4 'x 6 ')

The pieces were originally commissioned for the U.S. Bicentennial in Philadelphia in 1976 at the same time as the 12 foot bronze statue “The Journeyer” which Lindsay Daen made for Independence Square. They are one of a kind. Further, as one can see from the body of work on the website, Mr. Daen made very few high reliefs.